Cisco Security Summit - October 19, 2016

The Cisco Security Summit hosted by Epic is a day-long conference hosted at the Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre in Winnipeg. It features:

  • Two keynote sessions
  • Over 20 breakout sessions
  • Education focused on IT security from an executive’s perspective
  • Networking with other executives and industry professionals
  • Epic security experts on site to answer questions
Network security and digital resilience are becoming increasingly paramount, as evidenced through the many headlines we see everyday surrounding data breaches that threaten to destroy both a company’s brand image and their bottom line.

Why should you attend?


The primary focus of the Security Summit is to educate the executive community on current security risks and preventative measures.


The Security Summit connects executives from every industry. This conference serves as a meeting place for local executives to learn about industry-leading trends and opportunities.


Throughout the conference you will learn how to increase your digital resilience and secure your business.

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